Sunday, February 13, 2011

Orange County Hotels Irvine, California

The Orange County hotels Irvine, California has are the most family-friendly and among the safest places to stay in Southern California. In fact, the hospitality establishments are merely following the lead of the city.

Orange County, California is one of the biggest family vacation destinations, so it's not much of a surprise that visitor facilities here are family friendly and safe. The high-income employees and families of the many large companies based here live in upscale neighborhoods and the entire zone is a high-tech corporate hub. Both family and business travelers can expect a home away from home at local area hotels.
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Probably the most convenient location to stay here is at a hotel near John Wayne Airport. A stay in one of the hotels here would mean easy access to the airport of course, along with a free hotel shuttle. The Anaheim Convention Center is just a short drive away, with the advantage that the hotel will be a peaceful place to stay and most surely will not be a tourist trap.
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Business travelers will additionally find the location convenient for visiting the offices and plants of major local employers such as Broadcom, UC Irvine, Mazda, Boeing, Verizon and many others. Needless to say, a good hotel at the airport will have all the necessary business friendly facilities like meeting space and wireless internet. Add the free shuttle to this list, along with things like room service, a fitness center and swimming pool.

The wealthy residents and upscale neighborhoods have also lead to a boom in golfing here, with many fine golf clubs and courses. Visitors can put aside their business meetings and leisure activities and focus on reducing their handicaps. Those who prefer shopping as a sport will find plenty of choices too, including the famous Fashion Plaza, Irvine Spectrum and South Coast Plaza.

Leisure travelers will find much more to enjoy in SoCal and Orange County, California than perhaps anywhere else in the world, with the Disney & Knott's Berry Farm theme parks, and getaway destinations like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. The Pacific Coast drive down Highway 1 is justly famed, and so are the amazing experiences at the Verizon Amphitheatre & Discovery Science Center.

The many Orange County, California hotels Irvine has on offer will make it easy to visit all these and other OC attractions. As it is, a trip out here is a sure thing in terms of an experience that will be memorable and very safe. So long as travelers make the right choice of hotel, it'll also be both convenient and comfortable.

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  2. Awesome. My sister's family has been looking for orange county hotels to stay at. I have heard good things about the ones in Irvine. I will mention something to my sister about them!

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