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It is easy to discover cheap hotels In Istanbul, Turkey

As with any trip, knowing in which district to stay is an important factor when one is on a budget. Istanbul, boasts a population of around thirteen million, and is Turkeys biggest city. With an array of cultural and historic venues, this charismatic city is the economic and financial centre of Turkey. Cheap hotels in Istanbul are available, and reasonably priced rooms can be obtained. Listed below are a number of tips and pointers to assist the traveller in exploring all accommodation options, including hostels and pensions.

Taksim Square, although in close proximity to places of cultural and historic interest, can be a fairly expensive option. Similarly, the Sultanahmet district, which is close to many of the tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque, can be much more reasonably priced, offering accommodations of differing quality.

There are selection of chain hotels within this district which tend to be inexpensive, with bright but basic double rooms and private WC. Breakfast is usually of a reasonable standard, and included in the price. Those travellers that would like to mingle with the locals, could opt for a water pipe cafe, where rooms are offered from as little as three dollars per night.
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There are a number of one and two star hotels in the area offering double rooms. Value for money, they normally have a private bathroom and breakfast is included in the price. Prices start from as little as six dollars per night.

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Multi bed dorms with both private and shared bathroom facilities are available for the adventurous traveller. Some hostels and pensions also offer double rooms. Types of rooms vary from place to place. It is not uncommon to find that breakfast is included in the price. However, for those hostels that do not offer breakfast it can usually be obtained at an extra charge. During a stay in any hostel it is usual to leave passports at reception.

There are a number of cheap hotels in Istanbul suitably matched to any budget. Once the location has been decided it is simply a case of selecting the type of room suitable for the traveller.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spain's Medieval Fortresses

Valencia is a gorgeous province in the country of Spain. Valencia is a holiday center with terrific tourist attraction. Valencia offer many opportunities for sightseeing in Alicante the holiday center. There are more than six million tourists who visit the Costa Blanca each year.
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Sightseeing in the old city of central Alicante, home to numerous museums and other historic buildings. The old city of Alicante has so much to offer with things to see and do. An added attraction is the experience of Spanish history and culture. It will take you a few days to tour this enclave with its wealth of history.

Of interest to children and adults alike is the famous The Nativity Scene Museum is located on San Augustin Street. This gallery features literally hundreds of Nativity scenes from across the world. Children and adults who love Christmas will adore this museum. Open year round it's popular and caters to visitors even in the summer. San Nicolas de Bari in the old city is the concathedral. This amazing church with its recognizable large blue dome is a major landmark. The structure has a stature of Saint Nicholas in marble at the entrance of this church. This church is at present home to the Bishop of the Province.

A large medieval fortresses in Spain, known as the Castle of Santa Barbara is an interesting structure and has the reputation as the largest fortress of the day in Europe. Constructed by the Moors in the ninth century, it offers a tremendous view of the city from its tower. The castle is now a museum filled with Spanish sculpture and local history with artifacts from the Bronze Age.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nightlife in Alicante. Visit the Barrio Santa Cruz (the Old Quarter) and is a great place to experience the old city at night. The entire Barrio has a medieval style. With lots of taverns and eateries in the area. Be sure to visit the Old Quarter at least one night of your. There are many small and large stores throughout the Alicante. The harbor and old city area offers a large Spanish department chain store.

In addition, you'll discover many locals along the waterfront selling a variety of crafts. You'll also do some sightseeing and people watching in this area. Can you do without a trip to the mall while on holiday? If not, visit the city's Panoramis Shopping Mall. It's located near the harbor. It's probably the only mall that is North American in style. This mall also offers a fantastic view of the entire harbor area. Tired of the city? Perhaps you'd like to take a day trip down to Torrevieja and its unforgettable tower.

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