Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Malta, the Mediterranean country with a taste

Malta is an independent island country in the Mediterranean and covers an area of about 316 square km. It consists of the islands of Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and some uninhabited ones as well. The island state is a popular holiday destination in Europe and famous for its numerous temples, prehistoric archaeological sites, caves and numerous festivals, which are held in honor of the patron of the country .

The capital of Malta is Valetta with about 7048 inhabitants which is also the smallest EU capital. It is located in the north and is surrounded by a ring of bastions which served the city as defense line. Valetta is a UNESCO World Heritage and is popular for its historic cafés, restaurants, banks, hotels and government buildings.

Mdina, the old capital of Malta, decorates the island with its ramparts and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Besides Mdina, another notable city is Rabat. It is located near Mdina and is known for its catacombs and churches.

The largest church of St. Maria Assunta of the island republic located in the heart of Mosta's. It was built 1833 and it is visible from almost everywhere on the island.

In Malta, there are some sights that you should not miss. For example, Ta Hagrat a Temple complex. It was created about 2900 BC and has 2 temples. Or as the famous temple complex Hagar Qim was "standing stone" means. It consists of five main rooms, which are surrounded by a large temple area and was built about 2800 BC.

Hypogeum which is an excavation site was built about 2400 BC and a World Heritage Site.

If you are for the beaches, make your way to the west coast of Malta's right coast with its famous beaches: Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay.

Malta is an island that offers something for everyone, whether young or old, if interested in sports on the numerous golf courses, holiday on the beach or hiking on the trail of the past. A holiday to Malta is worthwhile in any case and to make you visit comfortable book in Malta accommodation.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alaska, the adventure land of the USA

Since the time of gold rush Alaska has been known for most people as the land of adventurers. Many had tried finding gold at the Yukon River. It was a hard find to do, but those times are already over. Since then the wealth of the state is now the "black gold". When taking a glance at the map of Alaska it is easy to see how big Alaska is and how little it is populated.

Alaska now welcomes a large number of nature, adventure tourists, hunters and anglers. The unspoilt nature, the ocean coast and wild rivers  all attract tourists. A river trip on the Yukon River, a sledge ride in winter is probably something for the adventurer. It is highly recommended to arrive at your destination by the Alaska ferry as it passes through amazingg scenery, towns and villages along the Alaska coast. The route takes you between the mainland, fjords and offshore islands. Nature is absolutely overwhelming.

On the route you can also pass the capital of Alaska, Juneau, which is  not the largest city of the state. The largest one is Anchorage with its 270,000 inhabitants. Here there is a lot to see and do: museums, shopping centers and the Alaska Zoo. Besides Anchorage another notable city is Fairbanks located further north in Central Alaska.

Alaska Fishing

Alaska is not considered to be an the ideal summer vacation spot but it is a paradise for sportsmen, fishingmen and hunters as the waters and forests that Alaska offers are beautiful. When you are about to visit this area, you are hopefully not leaving empty handed.

For reaching this goal while fishing you should visit the Kenai River. This river is full of trophy fish.

The Kenai River is best known for king salmon. The world record salmon was caught in the Kenai River. People from all over the world visit the area to catch the huge salmon. The fishing season for king salmon is on throughout the summer until the end of July. Besides king salmon fishing, anglers can also catch red salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon and even rainbow trout.

How to make the best trip while fishing in Alaska - the hardest part of planning your trip will be to decide when to visit, which fish to search for, which animal to shoot and where to stay while there. For bed and breakfast in Alaska you have come to the right place.

It is easy to find vacation rentals in Alaska as there are several options available. The cheapest route to go to set up a tent at a campsite, but not everyone is for the idea of living in the nature, there are also vacation rentals, bed and breakfast in Alaska and hotels.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The world heritage site: Amalfi coast

The Amalfi coast is the name of the coastal strip, which is located in Sorrento Peninsula in Italy. It stretches from the town of Vietri Sul Mare to Positano and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. There are a number of reasons why people choose from around the world to take their vacation on the Amalfi coast, and here are the top five reasons why you should visit it this year.

1. Summer - the weather is pleasant throughout the year on the Amalfi coast. The winter is mild and the summer is beautiful, people will never complain about how the weather ruined their holiday. The weather is perfectly predictable.

2. Positano - This town marks an end to the Amalfi coast and is a favorite destination for romantic couples. The best time for a visit Positano and Amalfi coast in the fall and spring, when there are not so many tourists. Positano is the ideal place to treat yourself with some relaxing days on the beach and a little water. It is the best base for your Amalfi Coast visit and it has the nicest accommodation in Amalfi area

3. Amalfi and holiday - This area is a world heritage site and has a breathtaking view. Amalfi is a popular destination for honeymoon, and if you are planning a romantic getaway this year, going there is a great idea.

4. Hiking - The Amalfi Coast is home to six-hour hike, the path to the gods, or Il Sentiero degli Dei. This trail is located in the vicinity of Colle Serra, and offers some of the most dramatic views of the coast and even glimpses at Capri. Apart from that, there are a number of other hiking trails around the Amalfi coast.

5. Cuisine - The Amalfi coast has its own style of food for this region and some of the most famous dishes here, the l'orata al forno, la carne alla pizzaiola is L'Insalata di Mare and La Zuppa di Pesce are all unique of its kind. Most of these dishes are seafood, and have unique flavors.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More about graveyards - La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Recoleta Cemetery is the most famous graveyard that is located in Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cemetery was designed by the French engineer Próspero Catelin, and later it was remodeled in 1881 by the Italian architect Juan Antonio Buschiazzo.

The Cemetery includes graves of some of the most influential and important Argentinians which include some presidents, scientists, and wealthy people. For example, Eva Perón is the most well-known person who is buried in this cemetery.

What makes it more interesting than any other cemetary is its marbel mausoleums which are decorated with statues in different architectural styles. The entire cemetery is divided in sections which look like city blocks with wide tree-lined sidewalks.

To visit this great place choose an apartment in Buenos Aires.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Morbid tourism: Graveyards as destination.

Some people consider it strange to visit cemeteries while on holiday but still a lot of people set them our as their destination.
They are worthwhile places to whose interested in architecture, artwork of the graves, the history of an area, or simply looking for the final resting place of a famous persona

We are trying to list of some of the most famous cemeteries in the world:
- Cementerio de la Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Saint Louis Cemetary, New Orleans, Louisiana
- Highgate Cemetery, London, Great Britain
- Merry Cemetery, Sapanta, Romania
- Forest Lawn Memorial Parks, Los Angeles, California
- Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
- Cemetary of Père-Lachaise, Paris, France
- Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic
- Central Cemetary, Vienna, Austria
- Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy

Siofok on the Hungarian riviera

Siofok is a well-known tourist destination in Central Europe. A lot of you might have heard of the biggest sweet water lake called Lake Balaton. It is an ideal spot for those who have children as the water is shallow and warm and there are no high speed boats along the lake.

Hungarians differentiate two parts of it: the north shore and the south shore. The latter is the shallow one. On its ahore you can find the above mentioned Siofok which is often refered to as the summer capital of Hungary as its population is 3-4 times bigger at this time of the year.

The city itself is considered a middle-sized provintial town just 100 km away from the capital of Hungary, Budapest. It is within easy reach as a highway connects them. Being middle-sized there are about 25000 inhabitants on an area of 15 km in length which is a pretty nice size for 25000 people.

As it is big in size it contains a couple parts, let's say a downtown area and the outskirt such as Kiliti, Töreki, Szabadifürdő, Sóstó, Széplak-Alsó and Felső.
Some of them are along the coast and some of them lie a couple kilometers away the lake shore making them silent during the noisy summer season.

The spring, summer and autumn are the seaons to go the town a go. Festivals such as the spring festival, Sio channel festival make spring interesting, but colourful events make summer exciting to those interested in culture: Stephanie festival, the Feast of Bread and Wine in August, not to mention the countrywide popular Eggfestivel in October which is the most popular event of all with Guinness recording breaking each year.

Besides events a lot of people come for doing absolutely nothing except for relaxing, eating and simpy having fun.

You can enjoy a cheap holiday in private apartments in Siofok and self-catering holiday homes or spend some unforgettable luxury vacation in one of the many four-star hotels of the town.