Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visiting Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is well-known as the city of gold because of its rich gold mining heritage and one of the biggest cities and the financial capital of South Africa. Johannesburg is a modern city center full of shopping complexes and skyscrapers and so there are so much tourist spots and lots of things you can do in Johannesburg.

When coming to Johannesburg by plane you would taxi into the international airport of Johannesburg. You can visit the famous Soweto known as hop on hop off buses. Then you can visit the historical Johannesburg Zoo.If interested you can enjoy the afternoon at Gold Reef City where you can find the reconstruction of the old Johannesburg during the gold rush of the 19th century. A visit to the Skyscraper will assure you the best views of the City.

On the Constitution Hill, you will find the Johannesburg Constitutional Court known for the imprisonment of the most famous personality like the Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi Square is also a very visited site and is a landmark of Gandhi and the Nelson Mandela Square too.

The Johannesburg museums provide tourists with information on numerous topics such as gold mining and apartheid. If you are a visitor or a citizen of this city then the Museum Africa is the place to find out how this city evolved. This museum and the art gallery attached to it, is the main facility in Johannesburg and date back approximately one hundred years. It contains a magnificent collection of modern and impressionist masterpieces as well as works by leading South African artists.

As there are a lot of beautiful landmarks and places to visit in Johannesburg, it is a great tourist destination and Johannesburg accommodation are of high quality. And also as there is so much to see and do, you will realize that you will not have enough time for other activities that are also available.

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The Yukon and The Wild West Of Canada

Real-life adventures some may think are entirely impossible. But there is a place which is no better place for such activities as Canada's Yukon Territory. As a wild, untamed sort of destination, you can be sure the vast expansive wildernesses of the Yukon will blow any other sort of vacation right out of the water.

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You've probably heard of the Northern Lights before, but seeing them in person is an entirely different matter. Swirling ribbons of blue, purple, pink, white, and green delicately yet boldly wind through the air, creating a natural spectacle called the Aurora Borealis. Declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, this phenomenon is absolutely breathtaking when seen in real life. Whether it's from a steaming hot tub, a cozy cabin, a mighty mountain top, or any other location, be ready to be at a loss of words and breath.

The untamed wilderness of the Yukon attracts explorers from all over the world. Rigorous physical activities, including mountain biking, whitewater rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, or kayaking, are all taken to the extreme when done in the raw wilderness of the Yukon. Another good way to experience the outdoors is on horseback. Exploring mountain trails and wandering through the green meadows is much more engaging when done from horseback. Cycling is another way to explore the wilderness in a high-adrenaline sort of way.

The wildlife of the Yukon isvery unique. All sort of plants, mammals, birds and other forms of wildlife are out there waiting to be found, so all that's left to do is find them. The Yukon features different type of safari, one that takes you into the wilderness of the deep north as opposed to the great savannas of Africa. Moose, grizzly bears, black bears, peregrine falcons, owls, eagles, hawks, wolves, and caribou are some of the residents you may encounter out in the wild, along with many others. And whether you decide to walk, bike, fly, drive, or go on horseback, you are bound to meet some of them.

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