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Who Is A Busho?

Mohacs is a town 190 km south of Budapest, Hungary with a very unique tradition. As the end of winter approaches local residents organised an intriguing carnival called Busho. But what is Busho?

Back at the beginning of 1500s the Ottoman army of the Turks attacked Hungary. While the Turkish managed to occupy the land, the brutal Ottoman Empire started there long rule over the Hungarians. During the occupation the local people intended to get back  their lost homes stolen by the Turks. Hungarian peasants dressed up in terrifying furs and put on frightful masques. They  thought this act would scare the Turks to death causing many to flee the Hungarian basin. They considered that they were dreadful devils or Bushos as they refer to themselves. In spite of all efforts they made, Hungary was occupied for about 150  years. Towards the end of winter The 'Bushos' recall this tradition every year for over 400 years. With the help of the festival they say farewell to winter.

The residents wear sheepskin and unique carved wooden mask with one sheep fleece on the sides and on the back with a hideous face. The festival is variety of activities which include a children’s costume contest, a exhibit of the art of mask carvers and other craftspeople. More than 500 bushos in rowboats masked Busho men cross the River Danube before marching through  the streets of Mohacs alongside horse-drawn or motorized fantasy vehicles. A future generation of the bushos is  guaranteed by the presence of the little bushos who participate at the event. Costumed children appear in the adult groups  and soon learn their role following the models provided by the adults. While scaring around the city a coffin is released into the cold water of the Danube to bury the winter along with the loss of Hungarian independence dating back to the 1500s. In the evening a big straw figure which symbolises the end the season is ending on a great bonfire.

In September 2009, Busho Carnival became UNESCO world cultural heritage occasion.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

It is easy to discover cheap hotels In Istanbul, Turkey

As with any trip, knowing in which district to stay is an important factor when one is on a budget. Istanbul, boasts a population of around thirteen million, and is Turkeys biggest city. With an array of cultural and historic venues, this charismatic city is the economic and financial centre of Turkey. Cheap hotels in Istanbul are available, and reasonably priced rooms can be obtained. Listed below are a number of tips and pointers to assist the traveller in exploring all accommodation options, including hostels and pensions.

Taksim Square, although in close proximity to places of cultural and historic interest, can be a fairly expensive option. Similarly, the Sultanahmet district, which is close to many of the tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque, can be much more reasonably priced, offering accommodations of differing quality.

There are selection of chain hotels within this district which tend to be inexpensive, with bright but basic double rooms and private WC. Breakfast is usually of a reasonable standard, and included in the price. Those travellers that would like to mingle with the locals, could opt for a water pipe cafe, where rooms are offered from as little as three dollars per night.
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There are a number of one and two star hotels in the area offering double rooms. Value for money, they normally have a private bathroom and breakfast is included in the price. Prices start from as little as six dollars per night.

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Multi bed dorms with both private and shared bathroom facilities are available for the adventurous traveller. Some hostels and pensions also offer double rooms. Types of rooms vary from place to place. It is not uncommon to find that breakfast is included in the price. However, for those hostels that do not offer breakfast it can usually be obtained at an extra charge. During a stay in any hostel it is usual to leave passports at reception.

There are a number of cheap hotels in Istanbul suitably matched to any budget. Once the location has been decided it is simply a case of selecting the type of room suitable for the traveller.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spain's Medieval Fortresses

Valencia is a gorgeous province in the country of Spain. Valencia is a holiday center with terrific tourist attraction. Valencia offer many opportunities for sightseeing in Alicante the holiday center. There are more than six million tourists who visit the Costa Blanca each year.
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Sightseeing in the old city of central Alicante, home to numerous museums and other historic buildings. The old city of Alicante has so much to offer with things to see and do. An added attraction is the experience of Spanish history and culture. It will take you a few days to tour this enclave with its wealth of history.

Of interest to children and adults alike is the famous The Nativity Scene Museum is located on San Augustin Street. This gallery features literally hundreds of Nativity scenes from across the world. Children and adults who love Christmas will adore this museum. Open year round it's popular and caters to visitors even in the summer. San Nicolas de Bari in the old city is the concathedral. This amazing church with its recognizable large blue dome is a major landmark. The structure has a stature of Saint Nicholas in marble at the entrance of this church. This church is at present home to the Bishop of the Province.

A large medieval fortresses in Spain, known as the Castle of Santa Barbara is an interesting structure and has the reputation as the largest fortress of the day in Europe. Constructed by the Moors in the ninth century, it offers a tremendous view of the city from its tower. The castle is now a museum filled with Spanish sculpture and local history with artifacts from the Bronze Age.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nightlife in Alicante. Visit the Barrio Santa Cruz (the Old Quarter) and is a great place to experience the old city at night. The entire Barrio has a medieval style. With lots of taverns and eateries in the area. Be sure to visit the Old Quarter at least one night of your. There are many small and large stores throughout the Alicante. The harbor and old city area offers a large Spanish department chain store.

In addition, you'll discover many locals along the waterfront selling a variety of crafts. You'll also do some sightseeing and people watching in this area. Can you do without a trip to the mall while on holiday? If not, visit the city's Panoramis Shopping Mall. It's located near the harbor. It's probably the only mall that is North American in style. This mall also offers a fantastic view of the entire harbor area. Tired of the city? Perhaps you'd like to take a day trip down to Torrevieja and its unforgettable tower.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Scenic Up The Coast To Benidorm

Torrevieja Spain is probably the most celebrated summer holiday destination in the Spanish Alicante. It lies about 50k south of the city of Alicante. The best way to reach this unique vacation city is to drive up the Costa Blanca. Torrevieja and the town of Pilar de la Horadada are in the southern tip, the last towns before you head into the province of Murcia. You should compare the terrific flight specials and other holiday combinations across the airline world with the rest of Europe. There is often deep discounted airfare from the UK.

The Alicante called the Altet airport is where you will land as your holiday plans begin. Once on the ground it should only take about half an hour at the most to arrive safely at your hotel. Did you rent a car? Drive the highway N-332 heading south. You'll also appreciate that Torrevieja is connected with Alicante by buses. This service will also connect with Elche, as well as other towns and cities. Some full service hotels will also conveniently meet you at the airports. Taxis are always available for those on a tight schedule. As your drive to your destination, you relax while viewing the lovely scenery.

While in Torrevieja plan to visit the Natural Park such as the lagoons of La Mata. These are composed of working salt lakes that are among the most important in Europe as well as local wetlands of particular interest to local botanical value. Did you know that the local salt swamps export salt across Europe? The locals will tell you that local out-door salt baths help those afflicted with conditions such as Arthritis.
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But, the best part of this excursion is when the sun reflects in these salt mountains. Alongside the naturalists and scientific information, you will be marvelled at the sheer beauty. There are more than a hundred species of birds living beside other amphibians and reptiles in a natural park which is composed if two lagoons separated by a firm sand bar. The vegetation around the lagoons is indigenous to the salinity of the ground and how humankind uses the land.

Birds are the most interesting attraction within the park. Birds like the stone curlew as well as the wintertime attraction of diving birds. The park has an important nucleus of eagles, storks, and avocets. You'll have much to do while visiting this resort town.
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Among the nightlife in town, you find the historic tower from which the city got its name. It's easy and fun to take a day excursion up the Costa Blanca to visit Santa Pola on the outskirts of Alicante. If you have an economical rental car, you enjoy the drive up the coast to Benidorm and its fascinating theme parks. Further along the Mediterranean coastline you drive to such little towns as Altea and Javea.
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Orange County Hotels Irvine, California

The Orange County hotels Irvine, California has are the most family-friendly and among the safest places to stay in Southern California. In fact, the hospitality establishments are merely following the lead of the city.

Orange County, California is one of the biggest family vacation destinations, so it's not much of a surprise that visitor facilities here are family friendly and safe. The high-income employees and families of the many large companies based here live in upscale neighborhoods and the entire zone is a high-tech corporate hub. Both family and business travelers can expect a home away from home at local area hotels.
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Probably the most convenient location to stay here is at a hotel near John Wayne Airport. A stay in one of the hotels here would mean easy access to the airport of course, along with a free hotel shuttle. The Anaheim Convention Center is just a short drive away, with the advantage that the hotel will be a peaceful place to stay and most surely will not be a tourist trap.
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Business travelers will additionally find the location convenient for visiting the offices and plants of major local employers such as Broadcom, UC Irvine, Mazda, Boeing, Verizon and many others. Needless to say, a good hotel at the airport will have all the necessary business friendly facilities like meeting space and wireless internet. Add the free shuttle to this list, along with things like room service, a fitness center and swimming pool.

The wealthy residents and upscale neighborhoods have also lead to a boom in golfing here, with many fine golf clubs and courses. Visitors can put aside their business meetings and leisure activities and focus on reducing their handicaps. Those who prefer shopping as a sport will find plenty of choices too, including the famous Fashion Plaza, Irvine Spectrum and South Coast Plaza.

Leisure travelers will find much more to enjoy in SoCal and Orange County, California than perhaps anywhere else in the world, with the Disney & Knott's Berry Farm theme parks, and getaway destinations like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. The Pacific Coast drive down Highway 1 is justly famed, and so are the amazing experiences at the Verizon Amphitheatre & Discovery Science Center.

The many Orange County, California hotels Irvine has on offer will make it easy to visit all these and other OC attractions. As it is, a trip out here is a sure thing in terms of an experience that will be memorable and very safe. So long as travelers make the right choice of hotel, it'll also be both convenient and comfortable.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Siofok's landmark water tower

Anyone who has already visited Hungary might have heard of Siofok. It is a medium-sized tourist spot on the south shore of Lake Balaton.

Most of the pictures which are taken in the city show its most famous structure, the water tower. The edifice is more decades old and has been undergoing renovation. it will get a rotating observation deck, a panorama elevator and a café when developments planned by the town are completed. The tower standing on the main quare of "the capital of Lake Balaton" is a 100-year-old industrial monument. Mayor Árpád Balázs said the town had won Ft 300 million in EU funds for the project, which cost a total Ft 420 million.

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Some Reasons Why Normandy Should Be Next On Your Travel List

You can't consider yourself a real world traveler until your answer is  "yes" to one very important questions. Have you traveled to Normandy before?

Located alongside the English Channel in the Northern part of France, Normandy is home to a rich history,  charming customs, beautiful cottages. Normandy and its scenery are absolutely breathtaking in every way. In fact, Normandy is considered to be the location of some of the most beautiful areas in all of the country so every world traveler owes it to himself to see it at least once in his lifetime.

The following are just three reasons why Normandy should be on everyone's must-see list. Consider it yourself the next time you're looking to plan a romantic getaway or fun family vacation.

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1. Beautiful Countryside

Artist in the 18th Century flocked to Normandy for a good reason. From its majestic cliffs, to its sweeping landscapes, to its quiet scenes of pastoral grandeur, Normandy is considered to be one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the entire world. Can you imagine what it would be like to see the site where Claude Monet painted his famous water lily paintings? Can you picture checking out the same scenes that inspired so much of Turner's work? When you go to Normandy and experience the region's rich artistic history first hand, you won't have to imagine it anymore. You will know thanks to experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.

2. Cozy Vacation Cottages

Normandy is the perfect place to consider renting France apartments and vacation cottage for the very first time. Imagine coming back to all the comforts of home after long, lazy afternoons spent soaking up everything Normandy has to offer. Think of walking down to the seafood market and coming home with bags full of the area's signature mussels and oysters to use in a homemade stew that you can all enjoy in tandem with a lovely view. That's what you can hope for when you rent real vacation cottages Normandy. In fact, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner!

3. The Incredible Golf

If you're a golf enthusiast as well, then you should be made aware of the fact that Normandy is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. Actually Normandy is the ideal destination for people who want to combine their love of culture with their love for the game of golf. There is actually a world-famous golf course in Rouen, the same city where Joan of Arc achieved martyr status. Tee off and then unwind as you enjoy an afternoon visiting the famous Rouen bell towers and stop for a bite to eat at any one of the city's top-rated seafood restaurants.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diving in Phi Phi, Thailand

If you are the scuba diver -- no matter if you're an expert or a beginner -- the area of Ko Phi Phi offers something to deliver a person. Located within The southern area of Thailand, Knock out Phi Phi can be a assortment of six islands that have a wide variety of scuba diving possibilities. Under are some especially exceptional scuba diving 
locations that you won't choose to skip!

Wang Prolonged - For anyone who is a skilled scuba diver who is feeling certainly daring, you will most definitely not really would like to skip Wang Long. Wang Prolonged is actually a internet site with regard to cave diving that features the canal technique that opens as much as the bigger cave exactly where you could surface area in a sanctuary that is only accessible through the underwater canal procedure.

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Full Cruiser motorcycle Damage - If you're much less experienced at scuba diving, but they are still seeking a good adventurous diving knowledge, you will without a doubt prefer to locate King Cruiser motorcycle Wreck - among the best scuba diving web sites off the coastline of Ko Phi Phi. This can be the actual web site of the 1997 deliver damage wherever you are able to dive as well as see the remnants within the deliver. Aside from the actual ship, you'll also see numerous exotic seafood, sizeable game fish and even the casual barracuda!

Lohsamah Bay - This diving location will be the most beneficial location for night dives from the Knock out Phi Phi islands. It's got the sandy base and is also not terribly deep, rendering it the perfect location for peaceful novices. There are various clams as well as barrier, as well as homes a variety of night time critters to help keep you entertained, too as an amazing Fifteen meter heavy canyon which you can swim down.

Hin Pae -- When you are a novice scuba diver, you will absolutely would like to stop by Hin Pae. Hin Pae is usually a shallow dive venue which just will get close to ten yards deep. In the event you really don't need to don full scuba diving gear, you'll be able to definitely perform scuba diving from Hin Pae. You can get many different seafood and tropical fish that could help to make your trip in order to Phi Phi memorable.

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Because you can actually observe, regardless of what your ability level is actually, Ko Phi Phi features a scuba diving venue for you. Knock out Phi Phi may absolutely give you an unforgettable scuba diving encounter that you simply as well as your mates will completely like. Consider looking into scuba diving from Phi Phi Island now.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

European Countries Not To Miss Out On

Are you in the process of planning a European holiday? Looking for some hotspots in Europe with the best beaches? Traveling to Europe can be a real adventure, and if you're looking for fun in the sun, there are many European countries which feature beautiful beaches. In this article we will show you which European countries have the best beaches, along with a bit of inside information on each of these gorgeous travel spots.

One of the more popular travel destinations in Europe, especially during the summer, is the country of Spain. Spain is an absolutely beautiful country and home to some of the most fabulous beaches in the world. Whether your destination is the exclusive beaches of Majorca or Menorca, or one of the many seaside resorts along the Mediterranean, Spain offers a wonderful beach experience for a very affordable price.

If you're traveling to Europe this year in quest of beautiful beaches, nightlife, and cuisine, you may want to check out the country of Portugal. Rich in history, Portugal is a wonderful locale for hours upon hours of summer fun on the beach. Whether you travel inside Portugal to seaside spots such as Algarve, or head to the Azores to check out the nine separate islands, Portugal is definitely the place to be on summer holiday.

The island of Cyprus and the country of Greece are also very popular and renowned for their awesome beaches. In Cyprus you'll find beautiful, crystal-blue waters and miles of white sandy beaches, especially in the town of Kyrenia, a breathtaking coastal town offering plenty of things to do on the beach during the day and a fabulous nightlife as well. In Greece, the awesome architecture and picturesque villages is the perfect backdrop as you sit on the beach and enjoy the cool Mediterranean breeze. Both Cyprus and Greece should be a must for any traveler seeking beautiful beaches.

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The countries of Croatia and Turkey, although not immediately thought of for their beaches, do offer many coastline resorts and activities for the holiday traveler. October is a popular travel month for the country of Turkey, as the warm Mediterranean sun allows for long, lazy days spent on the beach and a rich nightlife loaded with lots of things to do. Before you finalize your summer travel plans, be sure to consider Turkey and Croatia as must-see locales.

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All About Ontario Tourism

Ontario tourism is unmatched when it comes to providing people with adventure options in Canada. There are numerous events that tourists and residents can do to ensure that their time in the town is eventful and fun at the same time. The city offers people with an assortment of activities that are perfect for tourism and holidaying. The province's developed tourist sector, geographical location, diversity and economic importance is what positions it as a number one tourist spot. It is home to some of the magnificent tourist spots. Being centrally located, the town is a connecting point to so other hot spots in Canada.

The area is a big province and in case one is thinking of visiting the place, they will encounter countless opportunities that are natures best. The area is credited with being a famous year round tourist destination point. Many residents and visitors alike enjoy amazing family attractions, natural beauty, outdoor adventures, cultural and historic discovery, world class urban excitement, amazing wine and culinary experience and spirited events and festivals among other things.

Rich with magnificent geography, countless fresh water lakes and rivers, four, different seasons and home to four of the five great lakes the province is a perfect outdoor tourist paradise. Paddling is the town's main outdoor activity though there are several other things visitors can do. They include dog sledding, amazing water based activities including snow adventures and rock climbing.

Couples who want to enjoy and refresh their energy are advised to consider the town as a perfect destination to do just that. Being home to some of the best getaway destinations, the town makes it possible for couples to enjoy each others company as they sample some of the world's renowned delicacies and wines.

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For golf lovers and fanatics, the town is the place to be. The environment is good for golfers who want to conquer new territories in their golfing career, thanks to its cool sceneries, landscapes as well as geography. There is probably no spot in North America that offers golfers variety when it comes to enjoying the spot while on vacation.

Regardless of the reasons one has to visit the town as a tourist destination, one can be assured to get the best there is in the province. People are treated to amazing spa and retreat experiences, urban and country ambiance, relaxation and entertainment experiences.

For one to consider their trip to the town successful, they must spare time to experience some of its theatrical performances that are synonymous for this province. The theatricals are and cultures take place throughout the seasons.

The town comes to life during the summer months. In fact, it is the best time for families to come and enjoy nature's best events. There are many tourist attraction parks that make life worth living for in the town. They can also take advantage of water based activities that blend well with summer seasons.

The cities in the area also beam with amazing family activities. It is a great city for world class sporting activities and festivals. With so much going on in the province, tourists and locals have plenty to choose from. It is the prefect place for family holidays whichever season one chooses. Ontario tourism promises people lots of fun and activities that they can enjoy while on vacation.

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The 15-day Celebration of the China

Chinese New Year is the most important of the classic Chinese holidays. This year on February 3rd the country will be coming into a year of the creative, nevertheless very personal Rabbit. Because the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is based on the Chinese calendar that is partly based on lunar cycles, this guarantees that the date is not the same as on western calendars. The festival typically begins on the first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar and finishes with Lantern Festival which is on the 15th day.

It is Chinese New Year tradition to thoroughly tidy the house. Before New Year's Eve, the house ought to be cleaned in preparation. This represents the sweeping out of miss fortune and the wishful invitation to good luck. When window frames and doors are given a new coat of paint, usually red, are also Chinese New Year customs. Decorations are put around the house and oranges and tangerines are put out, symbolizing good luck for the New Year.

It is traditional for all debts to be paid by the New Year. Nobody should ask for load at this time or whoever lends money will be lending all the year through.

Traditionally, New Year in China is a time when families get together - travelling far and wide to visit as many relatives as possible. Every member of the family stays up all night long, spending the time by watching television or playing board games. It is custom not to turn off any lights. After the meal, adults hand out red envelopes containing money to the children and people who are married. This is different from the Western world, where people give material items as gifts, in China, money is typically the default gift given to others. People will put these under their pillows when they sleep as they think this may encourage them to have pleasant dreams and they will become richer the following year.

Another part of the celebrations are the dances, such as the Dragon Dance and the the Lion Dance. On the one hand, Lion Dance is one of the most important dances of the Chinese New Year. Accompanied by loud music traditionally played by drum, gong, and cymbals, the Lion Dance is carried out during the first few days of the Chinese New Year by two talented dancers who play the tail and head of the lion, and is thought to bring good luck to the places it visits. The lion dance has it's root in legend. A mythic beast called a Nian turned up in China and terrorized the people. The only being that kill the Nian was the lion and his triumph is celebrated in the lion dance.

The the other hand, the Dragon Dance is the probably the most well-known custom of the Chinese New Year, and it is carried out with plenty of dancers all playing one part of the long dragon. This dance is being founded on the legend that the dragon regulates rainfall. By honoring the dragon with the traditional dance the country will be rich in adequate rain to maintain their crops. An abundance of crops will bring forth wealth to the farmers and the community they serve.

Burning firecrackers and letting off fireworks at the time of midnight is an age-old Chinese New Year tradition. This Chinese New Year tradition represents quite a few things. They are said to sound so loud to wake up the dragon, causing it to fly and bring in rain.

After New Year's Day, dirt and garbage should be taken out of the back door.

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1300-year-old hotel

As it is written the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest hotel even now in operation is the Hoshi Ryokan, in Komatsu,  Japan that you may not believe but opened as early as in 718. The hotel has been run by the exact same family for  over forty generations.

The roots of Houshi, the most ancient inn in the world are truly divine. According to legend in 717 a well-known monk Taicho hiked  high up Mount Hakusan, a saint and separated mountain. While Taicho was sleeping one night after starting his tough training exercises, the God of Hakusan turned up while sleeping.

He made him go to a village referred to as Awazu as there was an underground hot spring with wondrous powers. The inhabitants of the village did not know of the good fortune. After the dream Taicho made his way down to the village and revealed the treasure which laid underneath the earth's surface. Afterwards the priest requested his disciple to create and operate a spa at the scene.

Generation after generation, Houshi homeowners got the name Zengoro Houshi. The first Zengoro guided Taicho Daishi to the top of Mt. Hakusan. Several people suffering from illnesses stayed at the spa constructed. People began to make donations. He then employed the money toexpand the services he offered.

Nowadays the hotel offers dozens of rooms and can comfort up to 450 guests. Visitors are welcomed with a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. For relaxation, guests may stroll through the classic Japanese gardens or wear a kimono,  provided for their use after plunging in either the indoor or outdoor hot springs.

The rooms of the hotel have hosted members of the Imperial Family and are used repeatedly for movies and television shows.

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